Marinated Paneer Gravy | Kadai Paneer Gravy recipe

Marinated Paneer Gravy Recipe - Paneer is marinated in ground spices and fresh curd or yogurt. I call this recipe as Marinated Paneer Gravy, since I marinate the paneer in fresh ground spice masala and curd before cooking. You can call it as Kadai Paneer Gravy as well. It's up to you. ūüôā This gravy … Continue reading Marinated Paneer Gravy | Kadai Paneer Gravy recipe

Cucumber and Peanut Salad Recipe

Cucumber and Peanut Salad Recipe - It's a Maharashtrian salad recipe with full of bursting flavors. As we all know salads are very healthy and filling, But sometimes people (including me) ignore this, because of the plain look and taste. This salad broke all those talks and it tastes amazing with full of different flavors … Continue reading Cucumber and Peanut Salad Recipe

Mushroom Fried Rice Recipe

Mushroom Fried Rice Recipe - This one is the most simple and quick recipe and it tastes awesome. One battle which we all go through at some point is, "What to make for lunch".. especially it should be kids friendly, veggies included, tasty and healthy. The list goes on. That's how I came with this … Continue reading Mushroom Fried Rice Recipe

Egg-less Coconut Cookies Recipe

Egg-less Coconut Cookies Recipe -¬†The cookies are baked with desiccated coconut to add an extra flavor to melt in your mouth. These cookies are too yummy to handle. The extra flavor of coconut will make you irresistible to these cookies, trust me it's the best. While baking, the aroma started to fill the house, everyone … Continue reading Egg-less Coconut Cookies Recipe

Egg-less Honey Cake Recipe

Egg-less Honey Cake Recipe -¬†Bakery style honey cake without egg. This cake is one of my favorites in school and college days, Most people in my friends circle used to love chocolate flavor, I was the one, who always wanted this flavor. I was that addicted to this so much. Sadly, nowadays when I go … Continue reading Egg-less Honey Cake Recipe

Paneer Tikka Recipe | Dry Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka Recipe - Paneer and other veggies are marinated in yogurt and spice mixture then later grilled. I love paneer in any form, this one is very special, Paneer and other vegetables are marinated and grilled, it sounds nice and it also tastes heavenly. It's very popular in restaurants. I am currently in love … Continue reading Paneer Tikka Recipe | Dry Paneer Tikka

Capsicum and Garlic Fried Rice Recipe

Capsicum and Garlic Fried Rice Recipe - This aromatic and flavorful fried rice is perfect for lunch box. I started liking Capsicums a lot nowadays, It's so colorful, yummy and it's so versatile, you can use it in many ways, for curries, Sabjis, dry fry, fried rice, tikka etc., My husband says, he finds these … Continue reading Capsicum and Garlic Fried Rice Recipe

Uppu Seedai Recipe (Crispy Rice flour Balls)

Uppu Seedai Recipe -¬†It's a traditional recipe prepared on special occasions like¬†Janamashtami or Gokulashtami for Lord Krishna. Some people call it as Cheedai also, It depends on the region. This recipe is very famous in South India. There are many versions available, they are Vella Seedai, Uppu Seedai and Pepper Seedai.¬†This recipe is like passing … Continue reading Uppu Seedai Recipe (Crispy Rice flour Balls)

Chocolate Palkova Recipe | Cocoa Milk Sweet Recipe

Chocolate Palkova Recipe - the delicious Palkova (Milk Sweet) with cocoa flavor. I like sweets and actually nobody in my family says¬†NO¬†to sweets. My mom prepares different varieties always. One of my favorite sweets is¬†Palkova. Some people call it as¬†Milk Peda¬†or¬†Thiratipal. It has different names based on region. This time I wanted to try this … Continue reading Chocolate Palkova Recipe | Cocoa Milk Sweet Recipe

Green Peas Paratha Recipe | Matar Paratha

Green peas paratha recipe - very nutritious, crunchy and yummy paratha. Green peas are so versatile, it can be combined with any other vegetable for curries, stir fries and parathas. Here I used only green peas to make this paratha. It's perfect for breakfast and lunch box as well. In this recipe I steamed the … Continue reading Green Peas Paratha Recipe | Matar Paratha

Egg-less Whole Wheat Marble Cake Recipe

Egg-less Whole Wheat Marble Cake Recipe - Super soft and moist cake with beautiful zebra pattern. First, I must say thanks to Poonam for the wonderful recipe of how to make a marble cake. If you have time stop by her blog called "Annapurna" I made some slight changes to the recipe, but I … Continue reading Egg-less Whole Wheat Marble Cake Recipe

Kerala Puttu Recipe | Coconut & Rice Puttu Recipe

Kerala Puttu Recipe - Steamed rice cake with coconut is referred as a rice puttu in Kerala, it's a traditional recipe. This soft rice puttu is very famous in Kerala. They usually serve for breakfast with Kadala (Black Chickpeas) Curry. You can also make the sweet version of puttu with sugar and banana. This recipe … Continue reading Kerala Puttu Recipe | Coconut & Rice Puttu Recipe

Dry fruits Ladoo Recipe

Dry Fruits Ladoos¬†are a great choice for a dessert or a snack for the sweet tooth. It's perfect for the festive season as well. I kind of developed a habit of having some sweets after my meal regularly, especially for lunch. I don't get the sanctification, if I don't have a dessert to end. This … Continue reading Dry fruits Ladoo Recipe